Ibiza Music Video Festival 2013

Other | Thursday 3rd October 2013 | Ben

There is not long left to wait for the Ibiza Music Video Festival, which takes place on Friday 11th October. This exclusive one day event boasts an impressive range and quality of submissions, and will be held at Hotel Garbi, Ibiza. Expectations are running high, and the festival should be a great celebration of video talent.

Rupert Bryan, co-director of the Ibiza Music Video Festival and the Awards says, “The music video industry has long produced some of the most exciting creative work both visually and technically that reaches audiences worldwide. As well as creating a valuable part of an artist’s repertoire, many music videos directors and key creatives on their crews go on to work in the commercials, documentary and feature film industries. “Ibiza will be a wonderful launchpad for the first music video festival and the awards as it offers great production facilities and locations for making music videos as well as being renowned as the dance capital of the world. The enthusiasm and ideas for this one-day inaugural festival has been overwhelming and we are already considering building in more days for the next one.”

Elizabeth Fear, co-director, adds, “In addition to public screenings, we are also hosting industry-only events for music video producers and production executives which will include discussions, Q&As and the demo screenings. The festival will culminate in an awards ceremony followed by a party.”

Music video creators and producers have submitted their work for the awards and have been considered by a jury of leading international filmmakers and creatives including:Andy Gulliman; Ben Sullivan; Nik Powell;  Ron Weisner; Ross Anderson; Tareq; Kubaisi; Alma Har’el; Ashley Pugh; Jacques Steyn; Jay Smith; Dennis Madden; Tom Russell; Tom Trigger; Sam Hodivala; Anna Rhodes; Caroline Barnes and Chloe Richardson

The festival is open to emerging - and also established - music video talent, with the sole objective being to showcase the best of music video talent. Entrants are invited to go to talenthouse.com "to upload their video, nominating themselves for a maximum of three categories ranging from best director and best production design, to best styling, colouring or VFX". The festival is open to all music video professionals to attend, not just those who are submitting music videos for the festival or the awards. 

To register to attend the festival go to wish4ticket http://www.wish4ticket.com/booking/event.aspx?eid=89

To submit a music video for the awards go to house.com http://www.talenthouse.com/film-for-the-ibiza-music-video-festival?tab=0


By Ben Lawrence