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Finding artists and bands to work with can be hit and miss situation depending on your network of contacts. Ideally you want a steady flow of video production projects to work on to keep you in business! Well we’ve been speaking with the guys at Music Gateway and they help you do just that.

They provide a free project based platform aimed at getting you work and expanding your network globally. So it’s pretty simple, a band/artist would create a music video project, state what they need, their budget and when they would like to start. Once their project is live you’ll then get notified automatically and you can submit a free pitch to state your interest to work on that project. If you’re successful you’ll get accepted and you can go from there!

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It’s a platform to use with the interest in helping connect professionals to those who seek their services. We think it’s pretty easy to use so why not quickly sign up so you can start getting notified straight away?

We’ll leave the site link below so make sure to check Music Gateway out!