2018 Submissions



Ibiza Global TV and the Ibiza IMVF will continue to emit the weekly programme “IMVF 2018 – Ibiza Global TV´s Choice” and this year are pleased to announce yet another new award – The Ibiza Global TV Audience Award.

The programme will be showing selections from this year’s submissions several times a week and viewers will be able to vote for their favourite video via a link on the site.
 All submissions to the Ibiza IMVF 2018 can opt for their videos to be included in this new award simply by marking an X in the relevant box.

 Submissions who do NOT wish to be included need not do anything.


The Ibiza IMVF requires all of the following information to be completed. Submission forms must be completed correctly or they will not be accepted.

Earlybird entries are 15.00€ until 15th January 2018.

Submission fee from 15th January to 20th August 2018 is 20.00€.


  • Submission Information

  • 250 words max
  • Applicant's Information

  • (Production company, Producer, Director, Editor, Art Director, Post Producer, Band etc.)
  • For students only

  • Music Video Awards

  • Please indicate which categories you would like to apply for. This year the deadline will be August 20th 2018.

    Submissions may be made for up to 3 categories for the one fee.

    You may choose up to 3 award categories.
  • eg. Best Director
  • eg. John Smith - john@me.com
  • eg. Best Editor
  • eg. Sam Jones - sam@me.com
  • eg. Best Hair & Make Up
  • eg. Abi West - abi@me.com
  • Additional information on the Ibiza Global TV Audience Award
  • Payment Details

  • IMPORTANT! Your video will automatically be submitted on receipt of payment.
  • Price: 20,00 €
  • • We will only accept videos that have been submitted with a correctly completes application form and a fully paid entry fee.

    • Music videos will have been completed no earlier than July 2017. Music videos must not exceed 6 minutes.

    • Filmmakers, producers, and/or musicians who submit their video to the Ibiza IMVF Awards must possess all of the necessary permissions/ rights to that video.

    • The submitter grants the Ibiza IMVF the non-exclusive rights to reproduce the video and/or part of the video, and to showcase the video for the purposes of the festival and/or its promotion.

    • Please note: The Ibiza IMVF does not guarantee that your submitted music video will be shortlisted for the festival.

    • All information posted by the Ibiza IMVF is subject to change without prior notice.

    • Music videos must not contain a credit roll (production credits) at the end of the video.

    • There are no submission-fee refunds for the music videos that fail to make it into the competition.

  • Upon signing, I fully acknowledge and consent to the following: To the best of my knowledge, all statements in this document are true and correctly represented. I am duly authorized, on my behalf and on behalf of any person(s) or entity(ies) with ownership rights to the music video, to submit this music video to the Ibiza IMVF, and I attest that this submission is not in violation of any law or legal statute, nor does it violate any right of said person(s) or entity(ies). I hold the Ibiza IMVF, its officers, as well as any and all of its fiscal sponsors and affiliated entities, exempt from any damage to, or loss of, any and all materials submitted by me, whether or not that damage or loss occurs en route to and/or from the festival, or during the course of the festival whilst the Ibiza IMVF are in possession of said materials.

The event was meticulously organised, the panels well briefed and the awards themselves were beautifully designed. Roll on 2018!


Sister Bliss, Panelist & DJ