People’s Choice Award
Winner – Andrea Corsini – Jules not Jude “Pillowlize”


Best Student Video
Nominee – YOUSEF – JP Cooper “Five More Days”


Nominee – Noah Luca & Max Brunner – Julius Abel “Waiting On The Shore”


Best Costume
Nominee – Chloé Pernet – Melody Linhart “Everyday”


Nominee – Hannah Hopkins – Rosie Lowe “Woman’


Nominee – Bibian Blue – In Strict Confidence “Somebody Else´s Dream”


Best Hair & Make Up
Nominee – Gregory Arlt & Danilo – Gwen Stefani “Misery’


Nominee – Żaneta Kroczek – Rytmus “POZOR”


Nominee – Amelie Salomon & Sorrel Mocchia di Coggiola – Hailey Tuck “So in Love”


Best Production Design
Nominee – Chloe Brady – Blossoms “Charlemagne’

Nominee – Ovadia Benishu – Jane Bordeaux “Ma’agalim”


Nominee – Stephanie Traut – Lunakid “Technicolor”


Best Colourist
Nominee – Jorge Cosmen – Oscar Araujo “Infinity”


Nominee – Simona Cristea – Funeral Suits “The Way Back’


Nominee – Marty McMullan – Sigala “Give Me Your Love’


Best Editor
Nominee – Stephen Mlinarcik – The Whiskey Hollow “Hudson Hill”


Nominee – Carlos Font Clos – Battles “The Yabba”


Nominee – CANADA – Mujeres “Lose Control”


Best VFX
Nominee – Harry Martis – RAWTEKK “Here’s To Them”


Nominee – Fabricio Lima (Junta) & Flore Mounier (Mikros) – Son Lux “Breathe Out”


Nominee – Nico Zarza – Klyne “Lend me another name”


Best Animation
Nominee – Virpi Kettu, Oli Putland, Louis Mc Namara and Chris Hopewell  – Radiohead “Burn The Witch”


Nominee – Mattis Dovier – XXX “Flight Attendant”


Nominee – Riccardo Torresi – COPYCAT CLUB “Ganz Berlin”


Best DOP
Nominee – Robbie Ryan – Hurt “Lights”


Nominee – Steve Chivers – Gwen Stefani “Misery’


Nominee – Peter Steusloff – El Perro Del Mar “In The Woods”


Best Director
Nominee – Charlie Robins – Naughty Boy “Runnin’ (Lose It All)”


Nominee – Alberto Blanco – El Guincho “Pizza”


Nominee – Jean-Paul Frenay – Son Lux “Cage Of Bones”


Best Music Video
Nominee – Simon Willows – Tough Love “Touch”

Nominee – Alan Masferrer – Klyne “Lend me another name”


Nominee – Uri Lotan & Yoav Shtibelman – Jane Bordeaux “Ma’agalim”



Best DOP
Nominee – Will Humphris “Pauline’


Nominee – Paul MacKay “Forwards Ever Backwards Never”


Best Director
Nominee – Marco Castro “Any Day Now”


Nominee – Matthew Smith “HANDSOME GIRL”


Best Film
Nominee –  YOUSEF “Headless: The Ed Shales Story”


Nominee – Henry Kaplan “We Together”