IMVF : 20th/21st OCTOBER 2017

IMVF Awards

The awards around which all this was inspired. It is a celebration of great music film content – the best videos from around the world – and a few new awards this year to represent our broader vision for IMVF including (BEST STUDENT VIDEO)  This year has attracted over 400 videos from all over the world in a window of submission time two months LESS than previous years.

IMVF Futures

A premium and exclusive CEO level forum held at Pikes. It will be structured like a club – invitation only with a set number of attendees each year. It’s a response to too many content conferences in the world – and will bring together decision makers, experienced film producers, CEO’s of technology companies, music brands, record labels and sharp thinkers from the some of the worlds leading advertising and digital agencies.

IMVF Labs 2017

For young people and new entrants into the world of film production, direction, editing, creative direction and all the technology that surrounds getting a music film from an idea, through production and distribution.


This video features just some of the highlights from The IMVF 2016.

We are very much looking forward to being part of this years IMVF. It is a priority for Sony to support the creative community with technology and education wherever possible and the festival offers both these things.

James Leach

European Product Marketing Manager, SONY